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2048 Tetris

Hi! Tapping mobile screens has never been more numeric with the arrival of Flappy 2048! This mashup of the classic endless flyer Flappy Bird and the blockslide puzzle 2048 is sure to test players' tapping skills.

What is Flappy 2048?

n Flappy 2048, players guide a flying pixel pipe through rows of columns, each bearing a numbered tile. The goal is to accumulate tiles without crashing, just like the original Flappy Bird. But here, tiles slide up and down, merging when touched to double their values. Weaving between tiles and snatching merging opportunities is key to increasing the on-screen number. One miss means game over! An added challenge is tiles accelerate faster the higher the score gets. Additional modes like timed challenges, health bars and power-ups add replay value. Leaderboards also track high scores for bragging rights among friends. With simple one-tap controls and familiar addictive 2048 mechanics, Flappy 2048 is an entertaining blend that appeals to fans of both genres. Its high intensity, number-chasing gameplay makes for endless addicting sessions on the go. Ready to take your 2048 skills to new aerial heights?